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Insect Plasma - A Trip Beyond The Flesh

Insect Plasma - A Trip Beyond The Flesh
A Trip Beyond The Flesh.mp3
MP3 Audio Datei 7.4 MB

Insect Plasma -The Outsider (Six Feet Under Mix)





Insect Plasma -The Outsider (Six Feet Under Mix)
The Outsider (Six Feet Under Mix).mp3
MP3 Audio Datei 4.7 MB

Insect Plasma - Pain Amplifier (Phobos Reactor Remix)

Insect Plasma - Pain Amplifier (Phobos Reactor Remix)
Pain Amplifier (Phobos Reactor Remix).mp
MP3 Audio Datei 7.0 MB

Insect Plasma benutzt folgendes Equipment:


Arturia Microbrute

Behringer Model D

Roland System-1 (1.3)

Roland JP-08

Roland TB-3 (1.1)

Roland JV-880

Twisted Electrons Therapkid

Korg Volca FM

Korg Volca Bass

Korg Volca Keys 

Korg Poly 800

Kawai K1 II

Waldorf Blofeld

Waldorf Streichfett

Waldorf Rocket

Yamaha DX-7s


Eurorack Synthesizer Module:

Waldorf nw1 Wavtetabel Module

Twisted Electrons Chips

Doepfer A145-4 LFOs 

Doepfer A118-2 Noise/Random/S&H

Doepfer A121-3 VCF

Doepfer A-124 VCF5

Doepfer A-130-2 VCAs

Doepfer A-180-2

Doepfer A183-1

Dopefer A-119 Ext. In

Doepfer A138d CFX

Doepfer A114 RING MOD

Doepfer A-125 VCP

Doepfer A-138 MIXER

Synthrotek Mix

Synthrotek Robot

2hp ADSR

2hp Freez

2hp MIDI

Erica Synths LINK

Tesseract Low Coast

Expert Sleepers Disting MK4



Synthesizer (nicht mehr verwendet/verkauft)

Clavia Nord Rack (lent)

Korg N364 (sold)

Yamaha SY35 (sold)

Roland JP-8000 (lent)

Casio CZ-1000  (sold)

Alesis Nanosynth (sold)

Kawai K1r II  (sold)

MAM MB33 II  (sold)

Korg microKORG (lent)



Korg SQ-1


Sequencer (nicht mehr verwendet):

Alesis MMT-8 (bis 1993)



Fame Tweak 25 (live)

Swissonic Easy Key 49


Drumsoundmodule / Drumcomputer:

Roland TR-8S

Alesis D4

Alesis Samplepad 


Drumsoundmodule / Drumcomputer (nicht mehr verwendet/verkauft):

 Alesis DM5  (sold)

Alesis HR-16 (bis 1993)




Behringer Virtualizer 3D

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Create XT (live)

Roland Aira VT-3

Alesis Micorverb III

Alesis NanoVerb


Effekte (nicht mehr verwendet/verkauft):

Korg DVP-1 (sold)

BOSS CL-50 Compressor/Limiter (sold)

Alesis MidiVerb II



ART Studio V3 Tube Amp


Backing Track Player:

Digitech Jam Man Solo XT

BakTrak MDE


Backing Track Player (nicht mehr verwendet):

Power Dynamics PDC-70  (totally flaky)



Epiphone GS